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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sizzling Sardinia

Sardinia is starting to heat up; the rich and famous are arriving by private jet, superyacht, helicopter and of course, the less rich and famous such as ourselves and our visitors come by Easyjet.  A few weeks ago we saw a private jumbo jet fly into Olbia airport.......and daily we watch as Gulfstreams etc arrive by the dozens.  Yesterday though was the most jaw dropping sight - anchored in the Gulfo de Marinella was the biggest superyacht we've ever seen....all 110metres of her.  Thank goodness for internet on board - down below immediately to google.  She's just been sold to an Arab family for 250million euros and is crewed by 44.  Judging by the stiffly starched long white trousers and shirts they were isn't as much fun on board as it is on Bandit.
One of the biggest superyachts in the world....unbelievably excessive.

We've had some great cruising around the Maddalena archipelago and the various Gulfs near Olbia - all with beautifully translucent water.  David's youngest daughter Ping and her Italian boyfriend Stefano joined us for a few days and we took them to Tavolara.  Stefano is a professional sailor so a bit of a busman's holiday for him - but he seemed to enjoy the "cruising" side of sailing.  

Ping and Stefano enjoying the sunshine on Bandit

A few days later we got a shock when we tried to anchor in Cala de we trundled on in two officious looking chaps in a tender came alongside and told us anchoring was forbidden but we could pick up a mooring.....for the meagre cost of 230euro!!  We told them we wouldn't be availing of their services and interestingly, when we asked under what legislation they were quoting they couldn't tell us.  They also couldn't produce any documentation - but they told us that if we anchored they'd phone the Coast Guard and we'd face a fine.  Nice guys.  Needless to say, we moved on.  One day Italy will wake up to the fact that cruisers spend a lot in their country - on provisioning, repairs, marinas etc.  Perhaps like the Greeks one day they will actually welcome us with open arms.

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