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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

New York to Chesapeake

We couldn’t resist one more trip to New York and, as we probably won’t return, we treated ourselves to a night at a hotel to really soak up this amazing city.  It was well worth it.  We spent our time wandering the streets, window shopping, having long coffees and lunches and people watching.  New York is fantastic in providing endless seats, tables and park benches for doing just that…and so we did…taking lots of photos of course.




       DSC_3742         DSC_3759


      DSC_3752       DSC_3755

        DSC_3797      DSC_3788

Then it was time to head back to Port Washington, where we’d left Bandit on a mooring, and start heading south for Chesapeake Bay.  As we headed out we noticed an eye catching boat sailing by - another Moody 46 except she was blue and cutter rigged.  We chatted on VHF and discovered she’d been badly damaged in last year’s Hurricane Sandy and was sporting a brand new paint jobWe often get “boat envy” so it was nice to know we were envying our own boat!


It was a fascinating trip back down the East River.  Currents through the aptly named Hell’s Gate can run at seven knots so it’s essential to have current with you.  It was a glorious day and Manhattan looked fantastic from the water.


We had a particularly unpleasant two day bash to windward down the New Jersey coast but then a nice sail up the Delaware River.  It was a busy week preparing Bandit for hauling in the charming town of Havre de Grace, at the head of the Chesapeake.  Few foreign boats make it this far so we’ve been a bit of a novelty with dozens of curious, hospitable and friendly people stopping by to talk and issue drinks and dinner invitations.  Havre de Grace is a fascinating place with some quirky houses – we’ve enjoyed walking every evening.




After separate trips to New Zealand (David) and English (Brenda) we’ll be back in Havre de Grace to take Bandit to Annapolis for the Annapolis Sailboat Show in October.


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