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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Beautiful Bonifacio - mid June

Bonifacio is truly one of the Mediterranean's hidden gems - literally and physically.  The harbour is hidden behind limestone cliffs, the entrance only becomes obvious when you get close.  The waterfront is lined with open air cafes, restaurants and expensive boutiques but the jewel in the crown is the old town perched above.  
Brenda and her old journalist mate Shelley
From the sea the buildings hang precariously over the inky blue sea, the striated limestone below showing the effects of thousands of years of sea and wind.  Napoleon spent time here - wise man.  It's a gorgeous spot and we enjoy wandering the labyrinth of narrow cobbled streets, poking our noses into shops where we can't afford a thing and buying divine pain au chocolate from the patisserie.  David worked out it was his twelfth time here - firstly in 2000 on Sea Gypsy and then again, with me, on Aschanti in 2006 and then on Bandit firstly in 2007, again last year and now this year.  And....we never tire of this beautiful spot.  This year we shared it with friends - the Mortons from Timaru and Shelley from Auckland.  Breathtaking!

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