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Saturday, September 17, 2011

horses, horses and horses

I know, I know, horses have absolutely nothing to do with sailing – but as I have just spent three weeks working on a big stud farm/livery and showjumping yard inWest Sussex I just had to include them for a bit of variety.
The agency we work for in the UK phoned one sunny day while we were in Le Grazie.  The offer was too good to turn down and with so much work to do on Bandit to prepare for an Atlantic crossing we decided it was a perfect opportunity.  I fly to the UK while David works on Bandit.
With his youngest daughter Ping living nearby it was a great chance also for them to catch up.  Ping ended up helping David sail from La Spezia to Villefranche in France – and I met them there after flying to Nice.
It was fantastic to be with horses again.  I was responsible for the livery yard but got to help out in the showjumping yard which was full of beautiful and expensive Dutch warmbloods.
Some of the yearlings

I got to enjoy the balmy late summer weather in the UK, work with some lovely young grooms and make some new friends.
Two of these – Lucie and Taylor – hosted me on the beautiful Petworth estate they caretake when I left the stud.
It was also a bonus was catching up with former Marlborough friends Frank and Maria Nelson who were passing through the UK.
Frank and Maria

Frank and Maria left Blenheim 14 years ago and were our inspiration to throw in good jobs for an unpredictable life travelling the world doing odd jobs here and there.  It was as refreshing as ever to spend time with them – they are so energising and inspiring.


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