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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Perfect Pohara

We’re about as close to the sea as you can be without actually being on a boat this New Zealand winter.  For seafarers like us….that’s perfect.  We’re landlubbing because it’s hurricane season in the Caribbean.  We had to sit it out somewhere and when the opportunity came to head back to New Zealand to manage the Pohara Beachfront Motels in Golden Bay we leapt at it.  As the name suggests they’re right on the beach. 
And what a magnificent beach it is….a beautiful place to walk the dogs each morning and night.  It’s been a steep learning curve from sailors to moteliers but we haven’t had too many Fawlty Towers moments – none that we will admit to anyhow! 
DSC_0258 DSC_0269
We’re meeting some great people and getting to explore one of the South Island’s loveliest spots.  Apart from a few dodgy days when we arrived (ie snow on the Takaka Hill) the weather has been lovely….warm enough to top up the Caribbean tan on bits we are brave enough to expose (ie arms and legs).
 For those who live in New Zealand why not try and get to Golden Bay for a winter break?  We have a spare room and can also offer fantastic winter rates on our beachfront and seaview units.
For those of you overseas………
…….see what you are missing out on!  It makes us realise just how lovely New Zealand is….now if only we could arrange for it to be moved a few degrees further north!

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