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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Stepping back in time

Now here’s a blast from the past – the Bandit blog is going back to 2007!  That’s the year we set out from Gibraltar on Bandit after buying her the year before.


Back in those days we weren’t very internet savvy and certainly didn’t have a blog up and running.  In fact that didn’t happen until our last year in the Med.  Given we’ve spent a fair bit of time at anchor in remote locations the past few months, it’s been a perfect time to get the blog up to date and, in the process, sort out our thousands of photos.  The blog is a great record for us and gives family and friends a chance to see what we’re up to.  If you feel inclined go to the blog list at the left hand side of the page and zoom on down to 2007.  We’ve already updated Majorca, Sardinia, Sicily and Greece and in the next few weeks you’ll see Turkey and more from Greece.

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