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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fireworks fantastic

Americans sure know how to party as anyone who saw July 4th’s Independence Day celebrations will agree.  Annapolis reputedly has one of the better fireworks shows in Chesapeake Bay so that’s where we headed, anchoring in the harbour with a handful of other boats.  Within minutes a Coast Guard boat arrived welcoming us to the area and pointing out exactly where the fireworks barge would be – we had a box seat!


Wanting to check out the town we headed in by tender, passing dozens of beautifully decorated boats.  Restaurants lining the dock had red white and blue banners draped over balconies and the entire town was alive with visitors, locals, street entertainers and bands.



We returned to Bandit to find the anchorage filling up and it was an entertaining afternoon as boats anchored; some with success, some without. Tempers flared as boats got too close while partying youngsters paid no heed to anything other than having a good time.  The evening rolled on with entertainment all around us. The fireworks show was spectacular with the display lighting up the bay – but of course, photos never do it justice but here’s a tease.

    DSC_2508       DSC_2432

Next morning we were woken at 5.30am by barking orders coming from the nearby naval academy and looked over to see hundreds of young men doing morning press-ups.  A gentle breeze was blowing through the anchorage so we decided to make the most of it and headed away.


By breakfast time we were sailing in a perfect 15 knot breeze which took us right to the top of the Chesapeake.  We anchored in a gorgeous spot in the freshwater Bohemia River.  The jellyfish that plague the Chesapeake only like saline water so, for the first time in many weeks, we jumped overboard for a swim.  Bliss!


To catch the favourable tide through the C&D (Chesapeake and Delaware) Canal we had to up anchor at 5.30am.  We love this time of day so it was no hardship.



Cape May was a good overnight anchorage and a place to watch the Wimbledon final on the big screen.  No luck – the game began at 8am and the sports bars can’t serve liquor until noon which meant they couldn’t have the tv on.  Instead we wandered the gorgeous back streets dotted with the so called “gingerbread” houses.



Back at the anchorage we again found a gentle breeze so upped anchor and headed north.  New York……here we come!

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